New in thee shop: Upcycled Vintage Cross Stitch and Patchwork Denim Tote Bags

Each cross stitch is truly a work of art on it's own but I thought they would make great embellishment on bags. So I turned them into functional front pockets. Combining them with doilies, lace and patchwork denim worked out really well. I've also added denim tassels like I do for most of my bags now.

You can find these two in the shop, in the shoulder bag section, right here.


Refashion | DIY Fabric Cuff Thermal Top à la Free People

What an embellishment. Take a simple cozy top and give that extra pizazz with a lovely piece of fabric. To think waffle knit thermal tops use to just be undergarments or sleepwear.

I had been wanting to do this and when I saw this fabric at Joann, I thought it would be perfect. Instead of patchworking fabrics yourself, you can use this fabric and achieve the same result with less work. The fabric is cotton with a metallic print that looks sort of like it's embroidered trims put together.

Asian Inspired Cotton Fabric 44"-Mini Asian Floral Stripe Met

I think this one would totally work too. Especially with some added cotton lace trim.
Vintage Cotton Fabric 43''-Jacobean Stripe on Red

So the way I added the fabric to the sleeve is in my opinion, the most effective. You end up with no raw edges needing serged or anything like that, it's great. I had only serged the edges of the striped fabric because initially I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. I measured the width of my arm, top and bottom of where the fabric cuff would go. Sewed it together to create both cuffs.

First you mark how long of an opening you'd like. I know it looks crooked but I made it parallel to the side seam. Pin in place.

You want to sew around your marking about quarter inch wide. I have three seams because it was too skinny of an opening at first. Also sew around the cuff end joining the sleeve and fabric.

Then you cut in between your opening seams. Clip a v shape at the end or beginning however you look at it (on the left in the photo).

Flip the fabric right side out over the sleeve and pin into place to get rid of the raw edge.

You end up with these hoof looking things lol.

I chose mismatched buttons and used a loop trim that I simply sewed to the underside of one side of the opening.

Lastly I decided to add a metallic trim to top edge because I didn't like how it looked. I suppose it was fine really but yeah. It was the only trim I found in store that followed the color scheme the most.

I would've liked all brass buttons but these are what I had. Maybe I'll change them later on whenever I get some. I definitely want to do this again to another top though. Hope you try it too.


New in thee shop: Upcycled Jeans Tote Bag

First bag of the year. An upcycled denim jeans tote bag. It has a magnetic snap to keep closed and two small inner pockets. As well as plenty of pockets on the back.

Check it out in the shop, here.


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