A Custom Order Special Request - Upcycled Jeans Patchwork Tote Bags as a Memory Keepsake

Recently I received a special custom request for my denim pocket patchwork totes. She had these three pairs of jeans that belonged to her late father and so I used them to make two bags. One for her and the other for her mom as a Mother's Day gift. I gave some options as far as the lining goes so she could pick what colors and design best suited their likings. The purple paisley was an instant fav being a big Prince fan. Since my sewing machine can embroider letters, I thought it would be cute to include some sort of message. Her dad would call her bunnie girl and her mom fancy pants so that's what I included inside the bag like a small patch. Such a lovely memory keepsake idea, I was touched to undertake.


12 Upcycled Sewing Pattern Tissue Ideas

1. Create cute sewing/craft room wall decor with by filling an embroidery hoop like this by Natalme 

2. Follow this DIY Sewing Pattern by Sadie Seasongoods for lovely framed wall art

6. Make a Vintage Sewing Pattern Wreath like this one by Number Fifty-Three

12. Use iron-on vinyl to turn paper sewing patterns into durable fabric for crafts like these Christmas Stockings


New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim Patchwork Crossbody Bags with Boro/Sashiko Stitching

These two bags started out like my bags usually do, with remnants of jeans patchworked together. To be honest I used to be unable to fathom leaving raw fabric edges like this (like I was certain it would all come undone and fall apart) but I've definitely come around to the aesthetic. I actually really like it and with the added boro/sashiko stitching, it takes it to another level. The stitching definitely took much longer than I anticipated. So I did give in and use a couple of my machine stitches to mix it up and save my hands a bit. At the moment I'm not absolutely sure whether I'll be making more like these but I probably will lol. 

This bag with the dark gold thread can be found in the shop, here

You can find this bag with the white thread in the shop, here


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