Upcycled Jean Hems Rug | Progress Made | It's Getting Bigger

An upcycled denim rug without sewing! 

I posted this work in progress pic back in 

Yes, yet another neglected project. Finally added to it though and used up all the hems I had saved up for it.

A ton of glue sticks later and it measures 25.5" in diameter now.

Initially I did try to sew it together, by hand, with a tapestry needle...it sucked. It hurt my fingers. There was no way I could keep it up so I switched to hot glue gun and that was the way to go.

It has held up pretty well this far so I think it'll be fine. There are other techniques for upcycled denim area rugs. The braided kind looks particularly impressive. If I make another rug someday I'll definitely try that one.

Handmade Inspo:
Huge Braided Denim Rug from www.notjustahousewife.net

Fluffy Denim Rag Rug Tutorial by proverbs31living.blogspot.com

DIY Old Denim Rug by ohohdeco.com

DIY Woven Denim Rug or Trivet by lieslmade.com

For those that don't feel like making one, you can always buy one...

Upcycled Patchwork Denim Jean Rug available @ factorydirectcraft.com

Recycled Worn Out Jeans Loomed Rug available @ inhabitat.com


Refashion | Men’s Button Up Shirt into an Off Shoulder Top

Thee inspiration: An off shoulder striped cotton top with 3/4 sleeves, buttons down the front and a drawstring tie waist.

I found this shirt off Ebay. I tried looking in store at the local thrift but didn't have any luck finding a big mens white cotton striped button down shirt. Since I was being pretty specific with what I wanted Ebay made it much easier to find it with all their filters. I actually really like this material, the detail is cute and it was in EUC. A great match.

First I grabbed a shirt I already had, not off shoulder but I like it's sleeve length so I used it for that. I also referenced the sleeve width for the elastic hem.

Then for the neckline, I pinned it while wearing it to the desired depth. Cut it straight across after.

I serged all the raw edges i.e. the sleeve hems, the shirt's top and bottom. Then sewed the edges back a half inch or so to create casings for the elastic and drawstring.

I'm pretty sure there's tools for this but I attach a safety pin to lead my elastic through the casing.

Then pull it all the way around and back out. You sew the elastic in place. I didn't sew the shirt closed down the button placket but you can if you want. I only sewed it down together at the top and bottom for the casings.

From the leftover material I was able to make a thin cord to use as a drawstring for the waist. The elastic across the shoulders doesn't start until about 3" away from the button placket on both sides so the top lays flat for most of the front.

Really all your basically doing is creating casings on a shirt that is bigger than your usual size. Casings for the elastics, across the shoulders and sleeve cuffs, around the waist for the drawstring. You could actually use elastic in that casing as well if you don't have enough leftover material for a drawstring or don't want that in particular. All of these casings allow for the top to adjust to your size while keeping a boxy loose fit.


20 Ways to Upcycle Computer Parts / Hardware

E-Waste comprises 2% of America's trash in landfills and 70% of overall toxic waste.

20–50 million tons of e-Waste are generated worldwide every year. An estimated 80% of electronic waste goes out with the trash.

Every year Americans generate almost 2.5 million tons of used electronics!

Electronic waste isn’t just waste, it contains some very toxic substances, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium and brominated flame retardants. Since e-Waste is extremely toxic, the effects on the planet and ALL that inhabit it are devastating!

(For more facts check out: Causes International Inc.)

It's actually illegal in California to dispose of electronic waste with regular garbage. If you live in California, find an organization that will take your e-waste, here at CalRecycle.

Now here are some upcycling ideas that will hopefully inspire you and help bring down the alarming figures by turning e-waste into extraordinary things...

1. Imac Aquarium

2. Circuit Board Bracelet by MGrosser Jewelry

3. Resistor Rings by Stewart Jewelry Designs

4. Circuit Board Necklace by Upcycled Jewelry

5. Custom Computer Keyboard Necklace by The Crafty Panda Girl

6. Mac Mailbox

7. Circuit Board Picture Frame

8. Upcycled Resistor Earrings by Clone Hardware

9. Discarded Keyboard and Floppy Disk Pencil Cup

10. Caffine Machine - Old PC Tower Coffee Maker

11. Computer Parts Christmas Wreath

12. Binary Coffee Table

13. Computer Parts Clock

14. Circuit Board Notebook

15. Keyboard Circuit Sheet Lampshade

16. Recycled Motherboard Storage Box

17. Mini Magnetic Circuit Board Clipboards

18. Cuircuit Board Mail Holder

19. Upcycled Circuit Board Tie Clip

20. Population Control 2.0 - Circuit Board Boxer Briefs

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