In thee shop: A New Style of Upcycled Denim Patchwork Jean Jacket


I wanted to try and make a different type of jacket from the last ones I made. The kimono open cardigan styles I made earlier this year. So I found this Butterick pattern for a patchwork jacket and tried it out. 

The patchwork as shown in their photos does not actually have a pattern. Rather you're supposed to do that yourself and then cut it out as if it were whole fabric. I actually thought the patchwork would be done for you and was looking forward to trying it out. It ended up being fine though since I mainly just wanted the sizing reference and could do my own patchwork. I added a poly lining to the front and back (not in the sleeves). As well as inner pockets that should be able to fit your phone if you need. I also added a snap closure at the neckline instead of the pattern suggested button and loop.

You can check out the jacket for complete details here in the shop. I've labeled it size Medium/Large because it is a bit of an oversized style. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Refashion | DIY French-Knotted Upcycled Cardigan

thee Inspiration:

I had been collecting and using thrifted embroidery hoops for years now. Not to sew on or with but as wall decor above my sewing space. Along with the hoops one day I found a bag of brightly colored doilies so I put them together on display. I also found some interesting frames I then turned into another decor piece featuring used measuring tapes (DIY post about it here) and two pin cushions. 

A few years back I got an embroidery thread set from an aunt as a gift and since then it piqued my interest to actually try embroidering by hand. I learned some stitches by watching tutorials on youtube. I bought more thread and I embellished this upcycled denim crossbody bag with it:

Then I saw that grey cardigan from Anthropologie and I thought to myself, it is completely doable. I had this fuchsia cardigan I've worn a couple times. It's not a V-neck but it's plain and could certainly use a little revitalization. The French knot confetti embellishment is perfect.

If you don't know how to make French Knots, check out this video I watched to learn how to make them (they are super simple!): How to Sew a French Knot Stitch by Professor Pincushion

Initially I thought I would be using an embroidery hoop to keep the cardigan nicely stretched but I ended up not really needing it. I guess I should've just used a much smaller hoop instead. It would've helped but I think it turned out fine, you might not need it. This is what I ended up with so far. It's definitely not as full as the Anthro cardi but I can always add onto it. If you have a plain cardigan in need of some flair, just add sprinkles!