New in thee shop: Upcycled Jeans Tote Bag

First bag of the year. An upcycled denim jeans tote bag. It has a magnetic snap to keep closed and two small inner pockets. As well as plenty of pockets on the back.

Check it out in the shop, here.


Upcycled Birdhouse DIY Christmas Village

These were leftover birdhouses from our wedding centerpieces. I tried to make them into Christmas village houses. I just used cardboard/cardstock and kept them all white. Next year I can easily paint them different colors to match a new theme.  I have a couple other houses I can makeover next year and truly make it a village (with more trees too). I'd like to actually cut out the doors instead of cardboard too. I think that'll look best but for now this is what I did.

The macrame candle jar cover took me a bit but now I know really well how to do square and diagonal half hitch knots. I used this tutorial on youtube: DIY Macramé Jar Cover | Boho Candle Holder Tutorial by Macrame School

Pretty simple transformation with these birdhouses. I also think adding some paper string lights would be cute added detail.

I had these 4 inch square frames and filled them with some seasonal phrases I put together in illustrator and printed out. The fonts I used are Nightcall for the script and Bush Market regular for the "and".

Happy holiday crafting!

New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim Moon Circle Bags

The moon, always an inspiration. These bags are of course, made with upcycled denim. They have decorative stitching across the moon crescents and a patchwork night sky that is lightly beaded. They are all zippered, have a jeans pocket on the back and a denim tassel zipper pull also made by me.

You can check them out in the shop: here


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