Refashion | Thrifted Black Floral Dress - From Long Dress Length to Long Bell Sleeves

I think this dress is or I should now say was, a pajama. It's a thrift store find. The tag said intimates but I don't care I liked the material and the print. Even the style is nice but I thought it could be better.

So I switched up with skirt length for sleeve length and just like that, it's a whole new dress. I took off about 12 inches from the bottom. Which was what I needed to make long sleeves.

That remainder of skirt was then split in two equal pieces. One piece for each sleeve. Gathered the tops then sewed those pieces onto the short sleeves of the dress. The sleeve hems were already done because it's the original hem. Pretty simple and quick upcycling refashion I think most can do. Try it out!


New in thee Shop: Upcycled Jeans Belt and Doily Purse

As I said in my Instagram post about this bag, I am happy to have found a good use for non-denim, mostly khaki and tan colored work pants hems.

They matched so well with the light denim. The belt I split in two for the straps was thrifted a while back when I had like a haul of these and took almost all the thrift store had.

They are so durable, just perfect for bag straps. This bag, per usual, has a magnetic snap closure, two inner pockets and a zippered outer back pocket.

You can check out the bag in the shop, Here

15 Ways to Upcycle Old Metal or Plastic Spoons

So you have lots of spoons and not enough soup? Welp, time to do something else with them...

1. Laurel Wreath

2. Light Fixture

3. Rose Pendant

4. Mirror Wall Decor

5. Coat Hooks

6. Festive Garland

7. Spoon Flowers Garden Decor

8. Stamped Keychain

9. Decorative Christmas trees

10. Chandelier DIY Inspiration

11. BEAUTY TIP: Place a spoon under your lashes while you apply your mascara.

12. DIY Teacup & Spoon Jewelry Holder

13. DIY Hammered Garden Markers

14. Plastic Spoon & Bottle Hummingbird Feeder Tutorial

15. Funky Jewelry - This unique piece is by Maria Papadimitriou of Plastic Seconds.

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