New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim Bucket Hats

Upcycled denim bucket hats are available in thee shop, here

Having never made a hat before, I borrowed a hat in the same style I wanted and went off  of that. It's a simple pattern because it's a pretty simple hat. Not only were blue jeans incorporated into these hats but also a pair of black jeans and khaki cotton cargo shorts ♲

I was only going to make two but decided on a third and I'm glad I did. Now there's only one left in the shop. Hope to add more soon!


10 Ways to Upcycle Marbles

Remember March marble madness in elementary school? Marbles were like currency. We would build play casinos in the sandbox. Place your spherical little bets! I wasn't much of a gambler but more so a collector. The shinier the pearl, the bigger deal it was to own. Cat eyes were the lowest ranking, fyi. They were the easiest to obtain and therefore had little value. The marble equivalent of a penny.

Now that I'm looking back at all that I'm realizing the gambling aspect is actually rather inappropriate for children but as children that goes unnoticed. Anyway, I still have my marbles sitting in a jar somewhere. Thanks to Pinterest, they've been brought back to my attention with all their creative re-uses I wish I had thought of. Here are some ideas that will catch your eye too...

1. Wired Marble Mobile

2. Marble filled fence

3. Marble Garden Sphere

4. Marble Earrings

5. Gag Gift Idea or Conversation Piece- Bottle full of Lost Marbles

6. Makeup Jars with Marble Topped Lids

7. Interchangeable Marble Necklace

8. Marble Acorn Ornaments

9. Marbles as Vase Filler

10. Colorful Marbles Wreath

New in thee shop: Upcycled Vintage Cross Stitch and Patchwork Denim Tote Bags

Each cross stitch is truly a work of art on it's own but I thought they would make great embellishment on bags. So I turned them into functional front pockets. Combining them with doilies, lace and patchwork denim worked out really well. I've also added denim tassels like I do for most of my bags now.

You can find these two in the shop, in the shoulder bag section, right here.


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