New in thee shop: Upcycled Denim and Leather Basketweave Patchwork Purse

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This big tote bag was made with leftover scraps of different materials. Upcycled denim, of course, a dark red leather from a jacket and thrifted cotton fabric and clothing. I went for a basketweave type of design for the patchwork since a lot of the remnants were small.

There was still some red leather leftover so I made a matching tassel to go with the bag.

There are two pockets inside and a zippered pocket on the outer back. There is also a magnetic snap to keep the bag shut. This is a very spacious bag and quite the statement piece with all its colors.

You check out the bag in the shop, here.


14 DIY Upcycled Paper and Handwritten Heartfelt Gift Ideas

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your handwriting is as unique as your fingerprints but handwriting even more so, since it can reveal key details about our personalities.

In an ever digitally converted world with endless fonts and ready made things, it's refreshing to receive a handmade gift even more so, a handwritten one.

This Valentine's day try pouring your heart out on actual paper, dot your "i"s with hearts and it doesn't matter what you think of your handwriting because it's not for you but from you, by you and that's what is most special.

"Words committed to paper—your words, expressing your unique thoughts and feelings—hold the key to your loved one’s heart. Whatever your words are, don’t judge them. If they’re truly heartfelt, to someone who loves you, they’ll be counted among the most precious of gifts." - Colleen for

Feeling inspired yet? Well it take it up a notch and give some love to mother earth while you're at it. Make your love notes / letters / gifts Eco-friendly and upcycle. Here are some ideas...
Make Your Own Paper by Upcycling Paper Scraps

Upcycle a Deck of Cards and Give Them 52 Reasons You Love Them

Upcycle Music Sheets into Little Notebooks

DIY Hollowed Book Secret Stash / Keepsake / Gift Box

Upcycle Paper and Make Unique Cards

Turn Denim into a Journal Cover

Upcycle a Globe with a Heartfelt Message

DIY Mini Notebooks Made Out of Cereal Boxes

Embroider a Handwritten Note

DIY Family Recipes Book (Preserve and cherish all those passed down recipes handwritten by your grandmother, aunts, mother...)

Vintage Postcard Photo Journal to Share Past Memories in the Future

DIY Love Note Wrapping Paper

Upcycle a Wood Pallet and Hand-paint some lovely Wall Art

DIY His and Hers Sharpie Mugs


DIY Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Pincushion Ring

Thursday, January 11, 2018

For this little project, I re-used a small gatorade bottle cap. In my opinion it's the perfect size for a pincushion ring. The regular size gatorade bottle cap is probably perfect for a pincushion bracelet.

I referenced the tutorials below, they were super helpful. One thing I did different though, was use a leather hole punch to make the holes in the cap for the elastic. As long as the plastic isn't too thick it should do it, it did the gatorade cap.

Basically all you do is take a thin elastic and run it through the holes. Make it loop and your size then knot the ends in place. I made my fabric circle 4 inches in diameter (using some leftover cotton from this previous refashion of mine). Gathered it, stuffed it and hot glued it into place. Lastly, I took a 3/4 inch cotton lace trim and wrapped it around the lid edge for embellishment.

Or maybe you don't want a ring and would rather take a candlestick holder and upcycle it into a multiple pincushions holder like this one:

Or create whole new apparatus with old silver and have space for just not pins but other sewing notions as well, like this one by Todolwen


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