New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim and Vintage Embroidered Poncho Bags

 Upcycled Denim Vintage Embroidery Colorful Crossbody Bag Handmade Zippered Purse with Tassel

A lovely customer was kind enough to send me some interesting textiles to work with a little while ago. One of them was this vintage Guatemalan embroidered poncho. There were some light stains and holes throughout the bottom un-embroidered portion but the rest was fine.

I love the bright colors throughout and the material is thick just perfect for bags.

 Upcycled Denim Vintage Embroidery Colorful Tote Bag Handmade Purse with Tassel
I made two zippered crossbody bags first then two totes and lastly another zippered crossbody bag that used up the last pieces of the poncho as well as pieces of this vintage purple leather jacket and an embroidered mini pouch.

 Upcycled Denim Leather Colorful Vintage Embroidery Crossbody Bag Handmade Zippered Purse with Tassel

For these bags (minus one tote that got a matching leather tassel) I was able to finally make some denim tassels. Very glad I did because they matched so well and added a nice final detail. You make denim tassels too, it's pretty easy. Check out this tutorial by Pillar Box Blue

 RESERVED for Etsy Design Awards
This is my entry to the 2019 Etsy Design Awards so it's not available for purchase just yet but it can still be found in thee shop with the others.


Refashion | Upcycled Vintage Silky Scarf T-shirt Combo

thee inspiration:

I've had this vintage silky scarf for years now and this t-shirt with a satiny neckline. I've always though they pair well together. So they were perfect for this refashion idea. 

For guidance I referenced these images I found off Pinterest:

I put the shirt on my dress form to make cutting out the front easier. I made sure to only cut the front side so I left the serged edge intact for the other side of the shirt.

I cut the scarf on the bias which definitely helped the fabric drape and fit better as well as naturally creating the triangle point needed to make the tie knot.

After I sewed it together I realized this pretty much works for the back side too. You know like those t-shirt with a different fabric and longer backside.

For the knot I sewed kind of a dart down the center front until a certain point where I wanted the opening to begin. The dart didn't start from the neckline but it very well could. My main concern was splitting the center medallion a bit ( I don't know it just bugged me) so you can probably skip sewing the dart and just split the bottom point open and give it a hem.

I ended up opening it more than in the photo above. It's split about 16". I also left 3" openings on the sides of the shirt.

It turned out pretty well. I hope you'll give this refashion a try too. It really elevates any plain old t-shirt.


A Custom Order Special Request - Upcycled Jeans Patchwork Tote Bags as a Memory Keepsake

Recently I received a special custom request for my denim pocket patchwork totes. She had these three pairs of jeans that belonged to her late father and so I used them to make two bags. One for her and the other for her mom as a Mother's Day gift. I gave some options as far as the lining goes so she could pick what colors and design best suited their likings. The purple paisley was an instant fav being a big Prince fan. Since my sewing machine can embroider letters, I thought it would be cute to include some sort of message. Her dad would call her bunnie girl and her mom fancy pants so that's what I included inside the bag like a small patch. Such a lovely memory keepsake idea, I was touched to undertake.


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