Refashion | Jean Jacket and Vintage Chunky Knit Sweater Mashup

thee inspiration:

a denim jacket with contrast chunky knit sleeves

Pretty straight forward refashion. Take your favorite jean jacket and a comfy cute sweater, cut off their sleeves and attach the sweater sleeves onto the jean jacket.

This vintage sweater was such a neat thrift store find. The pattern on it is what caught my eye. I found the sleeves on this sweater rather short though. At least compared with those of the jacket. So to match up with the jean jacket sleeve length I had to attach more of the sweater to complete the length. I used the bottom hem of the sweater to have that nice finished edge. You definitely want to serge/overlock any raw edges of the sweater since it can unravel easily. I only serged the sweater sleeves armholes. Serging around the armhole of the jean jacket is up to you. Or you can serge them together once they are attached together (if it's not too thick for your machine to handle).

I placed the new top part over the rest of the sleeve. Then attached the new sleeves to the jean jacket right under the original top stitching of the jean jacket armholes. So I didn't feel a need to serge the denim.

 There you have it. A simple jean jacket now with added visual and textural interest.

You can find this upcycled unique piece in thee shop: Here



  1. Love this idea! You could use the body of the sweater for a great throw pillow.

    1. Thank you, that's exactly what I'm going to do 😊