DIY Upcycled Clothing Fabric Planter Pot Cover

I took an old top which I loved the print of but the tunic itself not so much anymore and some remnants of dark jeans. The material of the top is actually quite silky and alone wouldn't lend itself for this project but since I paired it with the denim it's all good. If you plan on using thin materials for both sides I suggest adding interfacing to stabilize it.

You use a plate to trace a circle for the bottom base and then a long strip of material for the sides. Cut two of each to make the pot cover reversible and fold down the top edge to see both materials. 

These pot covers are perfect for covering up plastic nursery pots that most plants come in. Just it pop out for watering so you don't get the fabric wet and place it back in when it's all good. Or if you want you can use waterproof fabric for one side of it.

P.S. peep my little faux succulent in the picture above. I re-used a Oui by Yoplait yogurt cup. They are glass and excellent to reuse as mini pots (or little containers, just buy some silicone lids). I added some small pebbles to keep the plant in place and complete the look.

For complete in depth instructions you can follow this tutorial by Mood Fabrics. "These easy fabric planters go together in a snap, with no pattern needed! Just grab your plants and a pen".