New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim + Mexican Embroidered Dress Tote Bag and Crossbody

I had this lovely vintage Mexican floral embroidered dress that was at least 30 years old. It had signs of wear and tear on the backside but as for the embroidered front it's in great shape. I thought it was perfect to cut up and turn into bags. So here they are!

The tote measures 16"L x 4"W x 13"H. It has pockets inside and out with a magnetic snap to keep the bag closed. I have added a blanket stitch to the straps, used a striped belt to the sides to add more color and adorned the center top with a leather tassel I made.

The crossbody/messenger measures 10"L x 2.25"W x 11"H. It also has pockets inside and out with a magnetic snap to keep the purse closed. All brass gold colored metal components. I used remnants of a caramel leather clutch in this bag as just like the tote plenty of jeans.

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