DIY Floral Birdhouse Wedding Centerpieces for our Love Bird Theme

Cut flowers are actually pretty bad for the environment. Which seems weird considering they're such a natural thing. Of course there's a couple ways to minimize your impact, i.e. buying local, buying in season but I just wanted to avoid them altogether. Another reason for doing so was since we were doing everything ourselves, it was just another thing to transport and take care of. Keeping them well hydrated in the heat of August (08-18-18) was going to be a bother. So while I love flowers, I was okay with not using any in our wedding.

I opted for sola wood flowers from fellow Etsy shop, and Accompanied with faux greenery from (mixed fern garlands to be exact) and feathers I got on Ebay. The birdhouses were half from Joann and half from Michaels, 20 needed total but I got a couple extras just in case.  I picked houses with heart cut outs because they were the obvious choice for such occasion lol. The first flowers I ordered were these roses from Save on Crafts. I expected them to be brown but they turned out to be this burgundy red. So I painted them a coppery color to match our color scheme.

My husband helped paint the birdhouses but we quickly realized it was much more effective to hand paint them instead (to get all nooks and crannies of the houses) so I went over them with FolkArt acrylic paint.

I set the houses atop various candle holders I found a thrift store a couple years back for my parents silver wedding and added on to those with others I collected later on. They're mostly metal but a couple were plastic and even ceramic. They were all painted with primer then Rust-Oleum white textured paint.

Well the bird houses were hot glued onto thin wood slices I got from Amazon, then atop the candle holders. They needed to have some sort of base to hold both the birdhouse and flowers. My mom and I sorted out all the flowers evenly as possible, making a small arrangement with all the components for each centerpiece. We used floral wire and tape to give each flower a stem. Each piece was similar to each other but none were exactly the same.

I really liked how they turned out. It would've been nice to have added even more flowers but I had to stay within a budget. They looked good nonetheless, not too busy I think. We also did a small nest with sola wood flowers and a tea light candle. I made table numbers with cardstock and number stickers. They were held by these small bird place card holders from Oriental Trading. For each chair there was a mini nest with Jordan almond "eggs" as a favor. In the end, I think they looked unique and complemented our overall theme quite well. A cute idea for the love bird themed wedding that isn't crazy about bird cages lol.