New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim and Clothing Tags Zippered Tote Bag

I hope this doesn't make you itchy looking at it lol. Do you cut the tags off your clothes? I've heard of some people putting band-aids over high end labels. I can't believe the amount of tags one clothing piece can come with nowadays. I know it's all about regulations but the excessiveness is almost certainly eventual garbage.

I had been saving tags from various articles of clothing I upcycled and finally decided to make something up with them or most of them anyway. I tried to make a checkerboard of sorts with lights and darks. No special brands in particular are being used. Most are vintage and information about the material contents/caring instructions.

The bag has is zippered, has two inner pockets and one on the outer front that stays shut with a button.

You can check out this upcycled tag bag in the shop: here