New in thee Shop: Upcycled Denim Patchwork Crossbody Bags with Boro/Sashiko Stitching

These two bags started out like my bags usually do, with remnants of jeans patchworked together. To be honest I used to be unable to fathom leaving raw fabric edges like this (like I was certain it would all come undone and fall apart) but I've definitely come around to the aesthetic. I actually really like it and with the added boro/sashiko stitching, it takes it to another level. The stitching definitely took much longer than I anticipated. So I did give in and use a couple of my machine stitches to mix it up and save my hands a bit. At the moment I'm not absolutely sure whether I'll be making more like these but I probably will lol. 

This bag with the dark gold thread can be found in the shop, here

You can find this bag with the white thread in the shop, here


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