Refashion | An Old T-Shirt + Scrap Piece of Fabric

thee inspiration:

Giving color and pattern to a solid comfy t-shirt, looks simple enough to me. I had this bright red-orange tee and a remnant of fabric leftover from this wrap and tie pantskirt I made. This fabric piece just goes so well with the shirt. It was meant to be.

First I did was mark how high I wanted the center back. I basically made go to where the front neckline is. Then fold the shirt in half, with side seams meeting in the middle. Create the shape you want for the front and back "v"s. Well I guess the back is more curved than a "v" but you get it. I had the front "v" end right above the belly button.

Once that was cut out (leaving a 1/4" seam allowance) I took my scrap piece of fabric, evened it out and sewed it in half lengthwise. The piece was 37.5" long by 30" wide so 15" when folded in half.

I have a similar shirt that I like the back length of so I used it as a reference. Within this piece of fabric I was able to get both front and back pieces. Starting with the top back curve.

Then the front after the back is all cut out. Make sure the width is the same as where it meets up on the sides. After that I had it flare out some since this fabric doesn't stretch like the t-shirt does.

So the seams on the fabric will end up in the middle and should then be sewed to your t-shirt. I did the front first then the back.

I wanted the front middle corner to line up exactly with the middle seam of the fabric. It was a little tricky but got it eventually.

After the front is attached to the front and the back to back you can serge the raw edges. Then you can attach the sides together and serge those. After all that even out the bottom a bit, get it how you want and hem it.
All done!

Renew & reuse!