Vintage Finds | Simplicity 5082 Sewing Pattern from 1972 "Super Jiffy Wrap and Tie Pantskirt"

So I think I nailed it.

A while ago, I posted this picture to my Instagram. I was excited because I had found a wide leg pants design I liked for this vintage floral fabric. The excitement didn't last. According to the pattern, I don't have enough fabric. You need like 4 yards and then some. I sincerely thought I had a lot of that floral but it's only enough for like three leg parts. Sure, I could make the shorts version but I was really set on the pants.

Anyway at the same time I bought that pattern, a vintage pantskirt kept popping up in my search. It looked pretty cool. The best of both worlds. It looked really easy too and I was tempted to just make it by observing the picture provided on the pattern envelope. I went ahead and bought it though from While The Cat Naps, an Etsy seller of vintage and modern patterns.

How to put it on is quite the interesting process. Sucks having to use the bathroom though. Like a jumpsuit or romper you basically have to take it all off.

I got 3 yards of this printed rayon fabric.

I don't think it gets any easier than this.

It's pants inside a skirt. Super Jiffy Wrap and Tie Pantskirt! Definitely give it a try if you're a novice sewist.


  1. thats fabulous, I think using less fabric was a good idea as yours hangs nicer than the pattern envelope. really lovely