DIY Jeans Refashion Ideas

Have an old pair of plain jeans that need some new life?

Here is some inspiration for DIY refashions you can do to spruce that pair of denim. Get your scissors, needles, thread and/or Beacon Fabri-Fix Fabric Glue ready! You can add printed fabric, lace trim, jewels, paint, embroidery...all sorts of embellishments. Now these are mainly ideas for the ends of the pant legs like cuffs but you can add details to just about anywhere on your jeans. Make them your own and make them stand out.

1. Cut out and weave other fabric through
2. Sew on colorful rhinestones
3. Hand embroider your own designs
4. Add metallic and patterned trims
5. Brocade silk fabric cuffs
6. Side split with fabric insert
7. Add embroidered floral appliques
8. Cut out the denim and stitch outlines
9. Split open sides and add in different colored denim
10. Split open sides of wide jeans to get breezy almost flared jeans

11. Hand paint all kinds of designs

12. Add grommets and ribbon
13. Cute bunny cuffs
14. Add embroidered floral mesh fabric for sheerness and flare
15. Shiny sequin fabric cuffs

16. Take a permanent marker and doodle

17. Add pom-pom fringe trim
18. Add flower and pearl details
19. 2 in 1 upcycled a skirt and pair of jeans to give them plenty of flare (tutorial by DIYbohemian
20. Add lace