10 Ways to Upcycle Old Musical Instruments

Friday, March 27, 2015

As if the music alone wasn't enough, the non-musical things old instruments can create is equally amazing! Note for yourself:

1. Create Beautiful Mosaic Art

A Guitar by Crooked Moon Mosaics at Etsy

A Violin by Melissas Motifs

2. Repurposed Vintage Organ Piano Key Jewelry Rack by skramstadprimitives at Etsy

3. Put Up Drums as Lights

Suspended Lighting From Upcycled Pearl Drums

Drum Kit Chandelier

4. Make them Hold your Sutff

DIY Guitar Shelf

A Piano Book Shelf

Hung Piano Shelf

Guitar Wall Hooks

5. Make them Hold your Plants and Water

Tuba in the Garden

French Horn Fountain

Cello Planter

Old Piano Waterfall Fountain

Guitar Planter Instructable

6. Refurnish into Table Tops

Baby Grand Piano Lid Table by The Piano Gals Shop at Etsy

Snare Drum Table

7. Instruments as Table Lamps

Horn Lamp

Clarinet Tree Lamp

8. Guitar String Bracelet

9. Piano Computer Desk

10. Recycled Cymbal Clock by Pixel This at Etsy

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