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Thee Latest Upcycled Bags | Before and After Pictures

Lately I came across two different articles of clothing that resulted in interesting bags. The first was a pair of overalls. Bear with me, I know the bag looks definitely upcycled/recycled so let your Eco spirit shine with this one. It's actually a really good carry all. The inside is lined with a polka dot cotton also bought at the thrift store and there's an additional pocket I gave it. I also kept the original straps and pockets of the overalls making the bag adjustable, sturdy and functional.

The second was an Indian sari/saree dress. The embroidery is lovely and although some of the beading was falling apart I managed to save what was still intact. Most of the dress though, the burgundy part, was very stained throughout. I washed it but it did nothing to remedy those areas. I understood why it ended up donated and on sale at the thrift store. In the end I made two zippered foldover clutches and a messenger bag, all out of this dress along with adding some other upcycled materials like denim and faux leather.

All bags are available in my Etsy shop. Check them out ❤

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