10 Ways and More to Upcycle Pantyhose / Tights / Stockings

I came across this video the other day by the Live Well Network and the Coupon Contessa. It features so many ingenious ways to re-use old pantyhose around the house.

Their tagline:

Run in your stockings? Don't throw them out. With these easy upcycling projects, you can reuse old pantyhose around the house.

Love it! I especially love the idea "for your trash: Instead of buying those expensive garbage bags that have the huggable trash can liners, use the elastic band from the pantyhose to prevent the bag from slipping." I would have never thought of that.
I did some more searching and found even more ways to re-use those tights. Definitely check out that video though!

10 Ways to Upcycle Pantyhose / Tights / Stockings

1.Make Flowers from Nylon Stockings for Brooches or Decor

2. Make a Pouch to keep using Too Small Slivers of Soap

3. Make an interesting Bauble / Statement Necklace

4. DIY Upcycled Pantyhose Hair Ties

5. Upcycling Neo-Victorian style, a Bolero Jacket re-using Footless Tights

6. A Solution for Storing Fresh Onions and Garlic

7. DIY Bow Headband from Ripped Tights

8. Craft Tools Organizer from Old Pantyhose

9. Lace Trimmed Socks from Old Tights

10. DIY Fairy Wings from Tights and Wire Hangers