Upcycled Broken Clothes Hangers Wall Hooks Rack

Whoever thought of velvet hangers, thank you. They are genius. No slippage whatsoever. However they tend to break easily because they can't handle a lot of weight. I've learned not to use them for thick winter coats.

Maybe the hangers should be all metal covered in velvet as opposed to plastic. They have metal hooks, why not keep it going all around? Anyway when they break the metal hook remains in perfect condition. I couldn't dispose of them. I kept them all awaiting some project to come to mind to utilize them. The project that eventually came to be: A Wall Hooks Rack. VoilĂ !

Perfect for necklaces!
Perfect for hats!
All you need to make this, besides the metal hooks you saved from broken hangers is a wooden plaque like this:

  • spray paint
  • a drill
  • super glue

Take your wooden plaque and spray paint it whatever color you want. You could decoupage with paper or fabric too and really make it something special. Depending on how many hooks you want to give your wall rack, you drill the holes to where the hook fits but doesn't go all the way through so it's not unsightly in the back. Also that keeps the back laying nicely flat against the wall. Apply super glue to the hook and insert it into the hole you made for it. Let the glue set and you're done.

I used command strips for the back to attach it to the wall.