DIY EASY UPCYCLING | Thumbtack Crafts

Thumbtacks are now basically being used like studs for things other than clothing. I mean I can't imagine anyone would want to thumbtack clothing...I mean ouch...unless of course you just bend the one prong but it probably won't stay in place and even if it does it's a thick prong...oh man, just get actual studs for clothes, okay? Alright. Anyway if you have a surplus of old thumbtacks here are some things you can do to make use of them.

1. Thumbtack Globe

2. Mirror Accents

3. Tacky Shoes

4. Thumbtacks on Styrofoam, Letter Art

5. Flower Wall Art

6. Thumbtack Headboard

7. Thumbtack Word Art

8. Cleverly hide the exterior of old ugly Candles

9. Thumbtack Pumpkins Decor

10. Vase Filler Balls

Oh okay, vase filler balls. Yeah...I had no idea what to call them. That's kind of what I have going on right now though. I re-used some styrofoam balls that had been a mobile planetary system (Do you remember making that for science class? My favorite planet to paint was the Earth). I'm digging the apothecary jar but I don't have one and that's not what I initially had in mind for these. I'll get back to you when I test out what I want to do with them. For now they will sit here waiting in their metallic glory until I get the rest of supplies.

P.S. You can also continue using thumbtacks as thumbtacks, just spruce them up...

As Cute as a Button

Gitzy Glitter

Washi Tape does wonders

Vintage Brooches = Glamorous Thumbtacks

P.P.S. There is a difference between thumbtacks and push pins. In this post I'm talking about thumbtacks because...

A thumbtack is a tack with a large flat metal head used to fasten documents to a wall or board. As their name implies, thumbtacks can be pressed into place by hand. Push pins serve the same purpose, but because they have longer, spool-shaped plastic handles, they are easier to insert and remove. This shape also makes them somewhat safer, since they tend not to settle on horizontal surfaces with their pins facing up, as thumbtacks do.

Thank you Knewance for clearing that up!