15 Upcycled Garden Projects to Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day, always April 22nd, with these Eco-friendly upcycled crafts...

1. Tire Planters

2. turn old Windows into a Petite Greenhouse

3. turn Wooden Pallets into a Compost Bin

4. make a Silverware Wind Chime

5. turn a Milk Can in an Outdoor Table

6. use Dresser Drawers as Planters

7. Re-use an old Swingset as a frame for a Double Decker Garden

8. use an old Ladder as a Trellis

9. turn a Chair into a Swing

10. re-use Plastic Bottles for Slow Release Watering

11. create a Glass Bottle Edging/Border

12. make Tea Cup Bird Feeders

13. keep using old and/or unsightly pots! Bury them into the ground and create a very neat look.

14. use old Boots as Planters

15. turn a rusty Wheel Rim into a Planter