Vintage Finds | Re-vamped Wooden Mail Holder/Memo Board

As I was grazing through housewares at a local thrift store, this thing caught my eye. It was lying on a bottom shelf in the way back, a hidden gem.

I don't even know what to call it because it's multi-purpose. I had wanted a vintage wooden mail holder for a while now but didn't expect to find one I really liked. This thing has everything! It's a chalkboard, it's a cork board, it has metal hooks and of course the mail slots, two of them. All the while looking so nicely organized. It is adorned with an enamel illustration of flowers, which is in excellent condition, no scratches whatsoever on this piece.

However, sadly, the wood was not in excellent condition. I tried to sand it smooth the best I could but it's old and sort of brittle in some areas. It's too bad though because I really liked the wood color but I glossed it over with black spray paint.
I also added a new sheet of cork board and polished the metal hooks as they were a bit rusty. The chalkboard also got a new coat of chalkboard paint (FolkArt chalkboard paint, in black).