20 Cool Ways to Upcycle Plastic Toys

1. Upcycled Plastic Toy Animals Bowl

2. Make a Stylish Toy Animal Necklace

3. Animal Toy Scluptures like this life-size dog by Robert Bradford

4. DIY Plastic Toy Animal Pin Cushion

5. Make Wall Hooks / Jewelry Knobs

6. DIY Animal Corn on the Cob Holders

7. Animal Topped Jars

8. Upcycled Dinosaur Toy Planters

9. Make Sparkly, Glittery Animal Christmas Ornaments

10. Use Plastic Toys, Jumbled Together, Spray Painted to Decorate a Frame

11.Toy Animal Bookends

12. Turn Toy Dinosaurs into Toothbrush Holders

13. A Toy Lamp made of recycled Toys by Ryan McElhinney

14. Toy Animal Magnets

15. DIY Toy Dinosaur Candle Holders

16. Party Cups with Animal Handles Tutorial

17. DIY Plastic Toy Animal Ring Holders

18. DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish

19. Plastic Toy Animal Gauge Earrings

20. DIY Stir Sticks