VINTAGE FINDS | Etched Brass Figures

At flea markets, I see vintage etched brass in all forms, all the time. Some are really intricate works while others are sleek and simple. I hope to acquire more pieces in the future but for now the following are my collection starters:

Le Owl Couple

Le Perched Bird

Le Victorian Boot Vase


This is probably my most colorful post yet! Gaze upon all the bright and intricate patterns and prints that are sure to liven up your wardrobe or space.

Piece together scarves into a curtain like this.

DIY tutorial for these found here.

Make sneakers!? Like Russy Valenki’s silken plimsolls the are made from scarves found in Italy’s vintage markets.The shoes will be available online in September.

Display the scarves in frames like the pieces of art that they are. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Use for Furoshiki wrap...
Video tutorial by hgtv here.

Vintage Scarf Bedspread!
This colorful vintage-scarf bedspread made by Ouono Design.

Scarf Watchband!
"Just remove the straps from a watch, then weave a scarf through the watch's lugs (the bars that hold the straps in place). Wrap the scarf's ends around your wrist and secure with a knot to make a timely fashion statement." (via

Vintage Scarf Lampshade!
This is The Kiki Lamp, by the REGOllc Etsy Shop.

Turn a Pair of Printed Scarves Into a Breezy Caftan Dress DIY tutorial here.

Vintage Scarf Pillows. Make your own! Here's how.

They are worth admiring. This lovely is by Little Green Notebook.

Inspiration: Vintage Scarf Bow Bag by Apidae Accessoriesavailable here.

Upcycle a Vintage Scarf into a Skirt, tutorial here.

Inspiration: Vintage Scarf Purse by 33clovers.

Inspiration: Kitsch Bitsch custom strapless vintage silk scarf maxi dress.

DIY EASY UPCYCLING | Re-think Office Supplies

I think by now we've all seen this idea. Use binder clips for all your cords!.

And quite possibly this as well...
To prevent a smelly, waterlogged sponge, air-dry it in a binder clip away from the sink.

I've actually done both of these and I wonder why I didn't think of them myself, so simple.

Will CDs become obsolete? 57% Say Yes. So what are we to do with those compact discs taking up space in drawers or shelves. Well you could make a fashionably modern necklace like Reloved Designs did...

Then use the CD cases for:

A greenhouse effect. Tutorial here by So You Think Youre Crafty.

A photo carousel. Tutorial here.

Pick apart your old keyboard keys and make:

Personalized initial necklaces. Tutorial here.

Cuff links like these...

Keyrings like these...

Turn an old computer monitor into:

An aquarium! Like this one by Jake Harms...

A pet bed! Like this one by Atomic Attic.

A mod mag rack...

A retro planter...

Don't throw away your dead pen caps, keep them and make:

A necklace like this one by Supermarket Sarah.

A mini vases unit, tutorial here.

A bracelet, video tutorial here by the TerraCycle Community.


Is plastic a necessary evil? The, Are You Green Yet? blog ponders the same thing. Plastic revolutionized the modern life, unfortunately it seems it will continue to do so, considering how long plastic lasts. Or is it really unfortunate though? Because...

Plastics aren't to blame; it's the way we use them that's the problem. "In a world of nearly seven billion souls and counting, we are not going to feed, clothe and house ourselves solely from wood, ore, and stone," writes Freinkel. "We need plastics." - Why Plastic Isn't Evil by John Johnson, Newser Staff. Interview with Susan Freinkel.

We should use plastics more responsibly. I for one would love to live a plastic free life. If you do too then check out, 5 Key Strategies for a Plastic-Free Life by Emily Main.

Here's 15 things to do with some plastic containers you may already have...

1. Make earrings from Nespresso capsules.

2. Make a Bracelet from a Plastic Pastry Box

3. Turn Tic Tac boxes into seed storage units

4. Turn Soda Plastic Bottle bottoms into a Desk Organizer unit

5. Turn Tic Tac boxes into travel spice packs

6. Reuse a tea bags box into Ribbon dispenser
(Yes yes yes I'm aware this is probably cardboard but this upcycle is good, I couldn't pass it up.)

7. Turn Tic Tac boxes into bobby pin storage units

8. OJ Bottle Bird Feeder Tutorial

9. Simple: Reuse plastic containers for storage and organizing

10. Duct Tape Vase Craft

11. DIY: Hanging K-Cup Planters

12. Combine the best of two: Salt container dispensing tip onto Mason Jar lid

13. Turn a Raisins Box into Pretty Gift Box

14. Milk Jug Dust Pan

15. Weave through Strawberry Baskets and continue using them!

P.S. Strawberry baskets are also very useful in the garden. Use them when planting root veg like onions to keep underground pests from getting to them or use the baskets above ground to protect your sprouts as well.

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