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I think by now we've all seen this idea. Use binder clips for all your cords!.

And quite possibly this as well...
To prevent a smelly, waterlogged sponge, air-dry it in a binder clip away from the sink.

I've actually done both of these and I wonder why I didn't think of them myself, so simple.

Will CDs become obsolete? 57% Say Yes. So what are we to do with those compact discs taking up space in drawers or shelves. Well you could make a fashionably modern necklace like Reloved Designs did...

Then use the CD cases for:

A greenhouse effect. Tutorial here by So You Think Youre Crafty.

A photo carousel. Tutorial here.

Pick apart your old keyboard keys and make:

Personalized initial necklaces. Tutorial here.

Cuff links like these...

Keyrings like these...

Turn an old computer monitor into:

An aquarium! Like this one by Jake Harms...

A pet bed! Like this one by Atomic Attic.

A mod mag rack...

A retro planter...

Don't throw away your dead pen caps, keep them and make:

A necklace like this one by Supermarket Sarah.

A mini vases unit, tutorial here.

A bracelet, video tutorial here by the TerraCycle Community.

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