DIY Macrame Look Attached Valance Curtains Inspired by Target

thee inspiration:

I saw these macrame attached valance curtains from 🎯 on Pinterest and while I’ve could’ve just bought them I remembered I had this material. It’s been sitting around leftover from the backdrop I made for our wedding as seen here (blowing in the breeze so the text is messed up).

I bought this material at Joann (Earth Child Apparel Lace Panel Fabric With Fringe White). It’s not macrame but looks similar enough. If you can't find a fabric like it, you can use any cotton lace trims, just combine them. Make them the vertical width or length you want and make sure the last piece is the one with a fringe. It really does add a nice touch to otherwise plain cotton/linen curtains.

Such a cute idea, thanks Opalhouse for Target lol.