Upcycled Jean Hems Rug | Progress Made | It's Getting Bigger

An upcycled denim rug without sewing!

I posted this work in progress pic back in 

Yes, yet another neglected project. Finally added to it though and used up all the hems I had saved up for it.

A ton of glue sticks later and it measures 25.5" in diameter now.

Well, initially I did try to sew it together, by hand, with a tapestry needle...it sucked. It hurt my fingers. There was no way I could keep it up so I switched to hot glue gun and that was the way to go. It has held up pretty well this far so I think it'll be fine. There are other techniques for upcycled denim area rugs. The braided kind looks particularly impressive. If I make another rug someday I'll definitely try that one.

Handmade Inspo:
Huge Braided Denim Rug from www.notjustahousewife.net

Fluffy Denim Rag Rug Tutorial by proverbs31living.blogspot.com

DIY Old Denim Rug by ohohdeco.com

DIY Woven Denim Rug or Trivet by lieslmade.com

For those that don't feel like making one, you can always buy one...

Upcycled Patchwork Denim Jean Rug available @ factorydirectcraft.com

Recycled Worn Out Jeans Loomed Rug available @ inhabitat.com