14 DIY Upcycled Paper and Handwritten Heartfelt Gift Ideas

Your handwriting is as unique as your fingerprints but handwriting even more so, since it can reveal key details about our personalities.

In an ever digitally converted world with endless fonts and ready made things, it's refreshing to receive a handmade gift even more so, a handwritten one.

This Valentine's day try pouring your heart out on actual paper, dot your "i"s with hearts and it doesn't matter what you think of your handwriting because it's not for you but from you, by you and that's what is most special.

"Words committed to paper—your words, expressing your unique thoughts and feelings—hold the key to your loved one’s heart. Whatever your words are, don’t judge them. If they’re truly heartfelt, to someone who loves you, they’ll be counted among the most precious of gifts." - Colleen for WritingandWellness.com

Feeling inspired yet? Well it take it up a notch and give some love to mother earth while you're at it. Make your love notes / letters / gifts Eco-friendly and upcycle. Here are some ideas...