12 Upcycled Crafts for Fall / Autmun Decor

Autumn is here and so is October! Get in the spirit with these upcycled fall crafts...

1. Upcycle an Old Rake into a Fall Decorative Piece

2. Upcycle Bottles into Candy Corn Decor

3. Door Knob Pumpkins

4. Upcycled Gold Pumpkin Bowl

5. Upcycle Sweaters, renew old Pumpkin Decor

6. Oil Can Pumpkin Photo Display

7. DIY Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

8. Painted Leaves Garland Tutorial

9. Upcycled Paper Bag Wreath for Fall

10. Turn a pickle jar into a Candy Jar, add a Knob to the lid and Paint

11. DIY Glue Decorated Gourds Centerpiece

12. Upcycled Aluminum Tube / Accordion Pipe Pumpkin Decor