15 Ways to Upcycle Milk Crates

Milk crates are all the rage right now!

Okay I don't know if that's totally true but since they are so mass-produced, they are readily available. If you want your own, it should be no problem finding some.

Just take a peek behind the milk aisle at the grocery store and you'll see them back there all stacked up, doing their work.

Of course the logical thing to do with them would be to just use them to hold things but you can get more creative than that...

1. Milk Crate Cabinets

2. Milk Crate Couch

3. Milk Crate Container Garden

4. Milk Crate Swing for the little kiddos

5. Milk Crate Fabric Cover - a detailed Tutorial by Sew Many Ways

6. Crates Lighting Fixture

7. DIY Milk Crate Bed Frame

8. Milk Crates Staircase

9. Milk Crate Footstools with Wheels

10. Milk Crate Bookshelf

11. Milk Crates as Drawers in a Dresser

12. Milk Crates into a Sofa Chair

13. Milk Crate Pet Bed

14. Milk Crate Desk Support

If you still don't know what to with milk crates take this for inspiration:

15. 700 Milk Crates piled high by Philippe Allard and Justin Duchesneau

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  1. Attractive element of content. I never thought that I can use Milk Crate for more purposes. Thank you so much for this informative article.


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