DIY Upcycled Cat Toy (Menswear Mouse Toy)

So I end up with small odd shaped scraps of material like all the time. Not a whole lot (because I upcycle them of course) but still, the smaller remnants accumulate eventually.

I found this project idea from after searching for something smaller to do with them and finally got around to actually doing it.

It's a menswear mouse toy for your cats! or snakes? Hey maybe. Okay probably not because they don't really play, or do they?

Anyway, check it out...

Adorable right? and not to mention kind of easy to do as the tutorial is pretty simple to follow. Mine was a plaid blazer for the mouse body and then a denim underbelly with a brown gingham cotton tail.

I made mine fast though. I mean I didn't even add the eyes (I couldn't find any more beads) and its ears are different than in the tutorial but my cats loved it nonetheless.

Now to make another mouse toy so each cat has their own (there's two, Ajax and Athena) because sharing is no fun.