DIY EASY UPCYCLING | Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes give you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what can be done with old things, with what you already have. They encourage you to use your imagination and get really creative.

This idea was one of the first to come to my mind this year. I figured someone else had already thought of it and sure enough they had. So this idea was adapted from Costumzee.
Take an old green turtleneck sweater or any green top with sleeves I guess, then attach white colored craft pipe cleaners, using a glue gun, all over as the thorns. Wear a flower headband or hair pin, followed by terracotta clay orange colored pants and shoes. Accessorize with all things green and there you have it!

DIY: Flowering Cactus in Clay Pot Costume

Have fun with 80s vintage clothing by dressing as an 80s prom queen. Find a frilly poofy sleeved dress, tiara, pointed toe heels and tease up your hair. You can even make your own sash with some wide ribbon and puffy fabric paint.

DIY: 80s Prom Queen Costume

DIY: 80s Prom Queen Costume by theekissoflife

Find a cute vintage 50s dress, add a cardigan and an apron. Set your hair in curlers, add some eye liner, lipstick and cat eye glasses. Carry around a broom if you want.

DIY: 1950s Housewife costume

DIY: 1950s Housewife costume by theekissoflife

An ode to Spain and it's glorious traditional dance. Olé!

DIY: Flamenco Dancer Costume

DIY: Flamenco Dancer Costume by theekissoflife

Get your jumpsuit on and get down on the dance floor.

DIY: Disco Queen Costume

DIY: Disco Queen Costume by theekissoflife

If you don't have a white dress, just wrap up a white sheet or piece of fabric, super easy.

DIY: Greek Goddess Costume

DIY: Greek Goddess Costume by theekissoflife

Thanks to the recently rebooted Great Gatsby movie, 20s flapper inspired fashion is not hard to find.
DIY: Flapper Costume

DIY: Flapper Costume by theekissoflife

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? She could be where ever you are. Be her. All black outfit with a red trench coat and get yourself a fedora.
DIY: Carmen San Diego costume

DIY: Carmen San Diego costume by theekissoflife

For a tooth fairy you can easily wear a white dress but I don't know in my head I've always imagined them wearing a minty color like toothpaste.

DIY: Toothfairy Costume

DIY: Toothfairy Costume by theekissoflife

Possibly one of the easiest to do, the French mime. Paint your face, wear some stripes, top it all off with a beret. Voilà!
DIY: French Mime Costume