Upcycled Vintage Buttons Charm Bracelet | TUTORIAL

Whoever thought of using old buttons as jewelry, kudos to you. It's smart. Buttons are like beads, they have holes. The holes make it easy to string jump rings through. I wanted to upcycle some buttons and it resulted in sprucing up an old charm bracelet.

You Will Need:

  • Bracelet chain
  • Vintage buttons
  • Jump rings

  1. Add jump rings to your buttons
  2. Add jump rings with attached buttons to your bracelet chain
  3. Done.

Yes, basically all you need is a chain, buttons and jump rings (I also used tweezers to ply open the jump rings but I'm sure there's a designated jewelry makers tool I'm unaware of).

I found a cute vintage charm bracelet on EBay awhile back, that I thought was perfect for this since it has a few charms leaving enough spaces for the buttons to fill. I do want to make it more bulky though. When I find more cool vintage buttons then it'll be nice and full o' charms. Until then, this is what I got going, check it yo.