DIY EASY UPCYCLING | Pistachio Crafts

I love pistachios. They are my favorite! Actually they tie with almonds but this post is about pistachios so forget I just mentioned almonds.

All you need is a hot glue gun and your shells, then you can form flowers like these.

For my pistachio shells craft, This was my inspiration:

DIY: Hanging “Succulent Garden” Made With Pistachio Shells by Addicted 2 Decorating.

Initially I wanted to make the exact same thing but then I changed my mind and thought I would just make the flowers and use them to adorn a wreath.

I made mine different sizes to create interest and give it some flair.

This is the result. I made the wreath out of cardboard covered or wrapped in black yarn. I added a black sateen sash to tie it up.

I actually want the wreath to be much fuller so less of the wreath is seen. I have to buy more pistachios though and save up their shells again. I will add the final, final result when that happens. For now this is it.

Here's a few other interesting & creative ways to Upcycle pistachio shells:

When Christmas time comes, decorate your tree with Pistachio Shells Ornaments! Tutorial here ~Made by Joey.

DIY Pistachio Shells Wall Art by Spanish Pinay.

Inspiration: A 23x23cm multicolored Collage made ​​with pistachio shells hand painted on a gray perforated support by bicocacolors @ Etsy.

DIY Food- Safe Bowl found @ Instructables.

Inspiration: Pistachio Shell Halter Top by Twisted Textiles.

Petite pistachio Chandelier by Shoestring Pavilion.

Pistachio Nut Shell Hair Falls
by Mieljolie.

DIY Ombre pistachio shell Necklace by Crème de la Craft

Inspiration: pistachio shell Earrings by Dreamspirit Creations.

Painted Pistachio Shell Decorations tutorial by Jacqueline.

Get to it.


  1. Wow - who would have thought you could make something that gorgeous from things we usually throw away? Love these!