DIY EASY UPCYCLING | Alluminum Tin Can Planters

Have you ever tried El Pato hot tomato sauce? If you're into cooking Mexican food, you should. It adds a little kick of heat to any dish, like rice. I call it "Pato Rice". Yes duck rice. Anything with sauce added to it becomes "Pato, whatever". It's a cabinet staple in this household.

Aside from the interior product, I've always been drawn to the cute, bold, brightly colored exterior. Those logos, I call them Mexikitsch. When I saw a photo of some Pato cans turned into planters on Pinterest, I knew I had to do that for myself.
Mira, mira! I paired them with colorful cacti...

This is a quick and easy DIY because all you're basically doing is opening, emptying and rinsing out the cans. Followed by making or drilling little holes on the bottoms for drainage. Then add soil with whatever little plant you want! I've also seen lovely tea tins as planters. So don't recycle all your cans just yet, save some and get creative for your plants.