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Let's Get Some Shoes! BUT from our own closets and give them a makeover...

1. Refashion Flip Flops with Braided Straps

2. Create a New look with Studs

3. Cap Toe Paint Job

4. Use Plastic Bags like Camila Labra's Dacca Boots

5. Extend the life an "Oldie but Goodie" Pair

6. Add Glitter

7. Add Legos like British artist Finn Stone did to this pair of stilettos

8. Create a Planter Box

9. DIY: Gladiator Wrap Sandals

10. Add Beads and Buttons

11. Floral Decoupage

12. Graceful Lace Flats Tutorial

13. Mondrian Inspired

14. Dip-Dye

15. Ruffle Straps Tutorial

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