Refashion Idea | Adding Jean Sleeves to a Sweatshirt for Textural Contrast

I had leftover jean jacket sleeves after making this denim jacket with contrast chunky knit sleeves. The sleeves were perfect to refashion another top. So I found that blouse on Pinterest and I loved the idea.

(this jacket available here in thee shop)

I took a plain black terry sweatshirt style top and exchanged the sleeves for the jean jacket sleeves. It was important to pick a shirt with drop shoulders so that the sleeves would fit no matter what.

With a seam ripper I took off the bottom portion of the sleeves on the sweatshirt and then cut the jean jacket sleeves to that length.

I sewed the jean jacket sleeves onto the black sweatshirt, serged the raw edges inside together, topstitched and that was it. Came out looking pretty similar if I do say so myself.


DIY Easy Valentines Day Decor with Tree Branches and Paper Hearts

thee inspiration:

DIY Valentine’s Day branch tree by The House That Lars Built

How to Make 3D Paper Hearts by Kippi at Home

How To Make an Easy Holiday Centerpiece With Branches by Real Simple

I'm always looking for ways to craft using what I have. This paper heart tree allowed me to use my heart paper punches (Fiskars X-Large Squeeze Punch, That's Amore). I have a cutting machine now but it was sort of fun to use these again. All you need is that and paper, some glue, some string/twine and some tree branches. I used orange tree branches if it matters. You don't really need paint, I saw some bare branch trees so it just depends on your style preference. I did paint mine white like the pictures and video.

To accompany my "tree" I made a small bunting with solid and gingham cotton, vintage style lace appliques and embroidered rose patches. I had this XOXO block sign and I bought this little delivery truck off Mercari (I think it's originally from Target). I have my lantern sitting atop a wide candle holder to give it height. The rose topiary I made by gluing satin roses (leftover from a bouquet) to a red Christmas ornament. I was feeling festive #masamorporfavor


DIY Sensory Cube for Baby

 thee Inspiration:

I originally found the cubes on Pinterest but each blogger has made excellent tutorials that are easy to follow.

The cube is pretty simple by itself. Just use different textured materials and add on things like buttons and rings for added interest.

Here is what I came up with:


Like I captioned my reel, I made the sensory cube made with odds and ends of materials I had lying around. I think it came together nicely but definitely should’ve added interface to the squares to have them keep their shape and no topstitching because it ended up getting in the way of the final put together. It was a fun little project. You can get really creative with it. Reuse and upcycle materials you already have. Add things that will make noise and personalize it for your little one with their name.