Refashion | Upcycled Vintage Silky Scarf T-shirt Combo

thee inspiration:

I've had this vintage silky scarf for years now and this t-shirt with a satiny neckline. I've always though they pair well together. So they were perfect for this refashion idea. 

For guidance I referenced these images I found off Pinterest:

This isn't a tutorial rather just how I went about doing this. I put the shirt on my dress form to make cutting out the front easier. I made sure to only cut the front side so I left the serged edge intact for the other side of the shirt.

I cut the scarf on the bias which definitely helped the fabric drape and fit better as well as naturally creating the triangle point needed to make the tie knot.

After I sewed it together I realized this pretty much works for the back side too. You know like those t-shirt with a different fabric and longer backside.

For the knot I sewed kind of a dart down the center front until a certain point where I wanted the opening to begin. The dart didn't start from the neckline but it very well could. My main concern was splitting the center medallion a bit ( I don't know it just bugged me) so you can probably skip sewing the dart and just split the bottom point open and give it a hem.

I ended up opening it more than in the photo above. It's split about 16". I also left 3" openings on the sides of the shirt.

It turned out pretty well. I hope you'll give this refashion a try too. It really elevates any plain old t-shirt.