New in thee Shop: Upcycled Embroidered Patchwork Denim Vest Tote Bag

I recently found this embroidered denim patchwork vest at the thrift store. It reminds me of something my kindergarten or first grade teacher would've worn. When I see outdated vests like these I just have to buy them. They are perfect for upcycling because it's garments like these that are at higher risk of ending up at a landfill after not selling. 

People see them and if they're not into wearing "vintage" which I'd say most aren't. (At most, if not all thrift stores today you can indeed find today's fashions.) They're just not going to buy these and since not everyone is into get my logic? I hope it makes sense. That's why these are pretty much my favorite articles of clothing to upcycle. The materials are usually thick and have interesting prints. So I like to think I can take them and update them into things a little more usable.

It had been awhile since I had found a good vest. Here are some I've made in the past, mostly 2013/2014. Usually I'm able to get at least two bags out of a vest depending on the size it was and by combining it with other materials but you get an idea of the upcycled after pieces.

You can find this bag in thee shop: HERE