New in thee Shop: Moon Inspired Upcycled Denim Canteen Circle Bags

Two new upcycled denim canteen bags in the shop! Stay wild, moonchild. 

The moon is a loyal companion, indeed. Beautifully put by Tahereh Mafi in Shatter Me.

The moon has always served as an inspiration. Personally I've always had a penchant for celestial themed goods. I found myself wanting to create something new in the canteen bag style. A moon is perfect.

My Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has like 600 stitches and I would like to use them all at least once haha. Here's a chart with some of them. Numbers 28 and 35 stood out to me because they look most like star bursts or twinkles. I ended up using #35 on a dark gray jean remnants cut into crescent shapes. Then I hand beaded the stars on the patchwork denim sky. If I make more of these I'm definitely going to try mixing up the stitches using different designs and maybe a full moon too.

Check them out in the shop here:


  1. These look amazing!! I love the way you used the decorative stitch and beading.