New in Thee Shop: Upcycled Denim and Faux Leather Patchwork Tote Bags

These two lovelies are spacious tote bags made with all upcycled materials, of course. Both have magnetic snaps to keep them shut and pockets inside and out. One bag, the one with the tan belt straps has a slightly longer strap drop than the other.

I have been trying to save patterns of the patchworks I make so that I am able to at least reference the size next time. So for this one I did do that. I'm glad I did because I do very much like the result and I was able to easily make another.

I used denim from four different jeans, two blue and two gray. The faux leather is two different kinds as well, one from a jacket and the other a skirt.

Here it is lying flat and finished. I did end up switching some around and I didn't cut out enough to make it the entire width across so I just filled this one in with other pieces of denim. The back is whole different story with bigger pieces patch-worked together and two pockets set on top.

Check this one out in thee shop right, here ←

Check this one out in thee shop right, here ←