New In Thee Shop: Painted & Upcycled Denim Crossbody Bags

I had accumulated a couple pairs of white denim jeans and I don't particularly like using white denim for full on bags. I imagine white surfaces on bags getting dirty quite easily. So instead I've made use of them by using them as canvas for unique and colorful embellishment.

Per usual I've tried to mix in different elements, material-wise and create textural interest you can both see and feel. I love the thick thread used on jeans and try to incorporate them wherever I can.

For this bag I sealed the edges of the flap with a cotton twill tape that came tied around something I bought. I can't remember what it was but I'm glad I hung onto to it and re-purposed it. I also re-used a faux leather boot strap to keep the flap in place rather than a magnetic snap.

For two of these bags I upcycled a pair of belts I found at the thrift store. They make excellent adjustable purse straps (the hardware comes right included!).

When jeans are low rise they will have these itty bitty zippers but they're still in excellent working condition, why not use them? It doesn't matter what size they are, all pockets are good pockets.

Thanks for reading 😊 Check out all the bags in thee shop 👖+🎨=♻💼✨