DIY EASY UPCYCLING | Tinted Glass Jars & Bottles

I've basically been hoarding all glass containers like juice bottles and jam/sauce jars lately. Refusing to recycle them because they're so good to keep. Store other foods, store other stuffs. Why get rid of these? Upcycle, c'mon now, let's do that instead!

Here I tried to tint some of my glass jars...

I did something wrong though so there's no finished product picture because they did not turn out how I hoped and I gave up. I didn't really follow anyone's directions or instructions, (thought it was self explanatory, modge podge, food color, stain then oven or maybe it was overconfidence I had seen it on Pinterest a million times) of course now I wish I had done it right. Like this:

Color Tinted Glass Jars, a tutorial by Fancy That Design House

The transformation is awesome. Look at that glass. So vintage, super cool!

So maybe I'll try again. I mean doesn't this just inspire you?

Subtle beauty!

P.S. Here's a really good tutorial for getting sticker/glue residue off glass:

The No Sweat, Chemical-Free way to Remove Labels and Glue Residue from Your Jars by The Creek Line House