24 Ways to Upcycle Sweaters

Your favorite, most cozy, wooly soft, sweater has a hole in it of irreparable proportions! What're you to do with this sweater now?

Well you could...

1. Sweater Taxidermy.

2. DIY Cozy sweater Pillows.

3. Make some Christmas Stockings.

4. DIY upcycled sweater Cowl.

5. Felted Patchwork Blanket.

6. Sweater Bag tutorial.

7. Boot Socks from sweater sleeves.

8. Sweater Snowman.

9. Sweater leftovers Wreath.

10. Shawl Collar Refashion.

11. Sweater Slippers.

12. Fingerless Mittens.

13. Hats from old sweaters.

14. Sweater Rug.

15. Sweater becomes a Skirt.

16. Sweater "Elf" Coat.

17. Sweater Aprons.

18. Stylish Organizing Bin.

19. Sweater Pet Toys.

20. Cozy Gift Wrap.

21. Upcycled Sweater Art.

22. Turn your old sweater into a warm bed for your pet.

23. Recycled Wool Christmas Garland.

24. Recycling for Baby- Thrifted Wool Soakers.