Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wine Barrels really lend themselves to upcycling because essentially they are wood.

Wood is a basic material used to make all kinds of useful things. It's just cool to know that this wood used to be something else other than a tree...

1.Wine Barrel Sink

2.Wine Barrel Wood Flooring

3. Wine Barrel Dog House

4. Wine Barrel Ice Chest

5. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Lounge Chair

6. Recycled Wine Bottle & Wine Barrel Stave Wind Chime

7. Wine Barrel Planter

8. Wine Barrel Mirror

9. Wine Barrel Cutting Board

10. Upcycled Wine Barrel Serving Tray

11. The Rocking Green Horse, Recycled Oak Wine Barrel by Stil Novo Design.

12. Wine Barrel Cuff Links

13. Wine Barrel Handing Light Pendant by Michael Weiss.

14. Wine Barrel Coat Rack

15. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Bench Chest

16. Wine Barrel Stave Hammock from Napastyle

17. Wine Barrel Chess Board

18. Repurposed Wine Barrel Drum Set!

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