Upcycled Magazine Bowl | TUTORIAL

Over the course of this year I have collected many magazines, more than I know what else to do with. Thanks Mags for Miles. At first I thought it be nice to have something nice to read and look at, that wasn't on a lit screen but they end up, taking up, a lot of space. You have to put them somewhere.

I kept keeping them because I know there's many ways to re-use them but I never get around to actually doing something with them. That was until the other day when I saw a photo of a pretty cool looking Confetti Magazine Bowl. I looked for more and came across this tutorial as well for a Paper Mache Confetti Bowl. I decided I would give it a try, and make my own magazine bowl.

You will need:

Let's Begin...

I actually followed along more with the Paper Mache Confetti Bowl tutorial than I did the other but they are both almost the same anyway. I had just bought the hole punch for a different project so I thought I would use it for this too.

To sum up the tutorials, you are basically:
  1. Wrapping your bowl mold in plastic cling wrap
  2. Pasting your magazine confetti over it
  3. Finishing it with the Mod Podge gloss.
I used a Tupperware bowl as a mold.
This is my bowl after some odd hours in drying time. I did not expect the paste to get so gelatinous like that.
Once dry from the mache paste, you can coat it with the Mod Podge.
Check the inside, make sure it's all good.
Done. Here's my magazine confetti bowl. I'm using it to hold my yarn.
TIP: If you want your bowl to be sturdier and possibly hold heavier things, make sure you add on more layers of magazine confetti. More layers of paper = thicker walls.