Upcycled Solar Lamp Posts

Robin @ ReDo It Yourself Inspirations has post segments called "Cut the Cord". She provides so many clever ideas for outdoor lighting solutions sans conventional electricity.
A while ago I had seen a photo on Pinterest from her posts. Later I took a trip to a local flea market and found these lamps without shades that were perfect for this project.

I had not realized how almost identical they are to the ones used in the inspiration photo. Pretty close right?

So I did the same thing. Took out the wiring, electrical components and cut the cord! Then I spray painted them black to match the solar lamps. I used Rust-Oleum Spray Paint, in Satin Canyon Black.

I didn't glue the lamps on though. They actually fit right into the post so I don't think the glue is absolutely necessary. If I see that they get affected by wind then I'll glue them down. They turned out really cute though and make excellent front door accents.

I hope you give this a try too.

Solar is the future and the future is now!

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