Refashion | Old Jeggings + Fabric Remnant

I'm not a huge fan of faux denim but I can't deny how comfortable it is. These skinny jeans in particular or rather jeggings were super comfy. The knees eventually faded out though and the fabric is starting to pucker, like most stretchy material does around the inner thighs area. I love the waistband on this so I had to keep it going. I chopped the legs off and put those pieces towards bags. Now I had this top piece left and a fabric remnant (It's rayon. It has a subtle stretch to it and drapes very well) I got it at Joann fabrics. Put them together and you have an easy maxi skirt.

This fabric remnant was about 1.5" yards in width and 31" in length. The denim mini is 7" at it's shortest in the middle front and 9.5" long at the middle back. Just gather the fabric and attach it to the denim mini. Serge the raw edges either before attaching them like I did or at the end altogether.

Apparently I take long strides when I walk so I will have to open up a side or both sides so that I can extend my legs out more. Yeah, I would've liked a little more fabric but this was a remnant I thought matched really well with the denim, I had to make it work.


New in Thee Shop: Upcycled Denim Canteen Style Circle Crossbody Bags

I've got four new upcycled denim canteen bags listed up in the shop. They all around 9" in diameter. I think that's a pretty good for a crossbody circle bag.

I had posted this work in progress photo to my instagram a while ago, took a break from them and finally finished the group. I always try to match up the zipper colors to compliment the threads of the denim hems.

The backs of the bags can get tricky when I want to make them a whole pocket and sometimes it's just not doable with the piece at hand. So two of them are double pockets, the other two are single pocket.

Just can't beat that classic look of thick thread on denim. Check them out individually in the shop for more details.


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