10 Ways to Upcycle Old Musical Instruments

As if the music alone wasn't enough, the non-musical things old instruments can create is equally amazing! Note for yourself:

1. Create Beautiful Mosaic Art

A Guitar by Crooked Moon Mosaics at Etsy

A Violin by Melissas Motifs

2. Repurposed Vintage Organ Piano Key Jewelry Rack by skramstadprimitives at Etsy

3. Put Up Drums as Lights

Suspended Lighting From Upcycled Pearl Drums

Drum Kit Chandelier

4. Make them Hold your Sutff

DIY Guitar Shelf

A Piano Book Shelf

Hung Piano Shelf

Guitar Wall Hooks

5. Make them Hold your Plants and Water

Tuba in the Garden

French Horn Fountain

Cello Planter

Old Piano Waterfall Fountain

Guitar Planter Instructable

6. Refurnish into Table Tops

Baby Grand Piano Lid Table by The Piano Gals Shop at Etsy

Snare Drum Table

7. Instruments as Table Lamps

Horn Lamp

Clarinet Tree Lamp

8. Guitar String Bracelet

9. Piano Computer Desk

10. Recycled Cymbal Clock by Pixel This at Etsy

Thee Latest Upcycled Bags | Before and After Pictures

Lately I came across two different articles of clothing that resulted in interesting bags. The first was a pair of overalls. Bear with me, I know the bag looks definitely upcycled/recycled so let your Eco spirit shine with this one. It's actually a really good carry all. The inside is lined with a polka dot cotton also bought at the thrift store and there's an additional pocket I gave it. I also kept the original straps and pockets of the overalls making the bag adjustable, sturdy and functional.

The second was an Indian sari/saree dress. The embroidery is lovely and although some of the beading was falling apart I managed to save what was still intact. Most of the dress though, the burgundy part, was very stained throughout. I washed it but it did nothing to remedy those areas. I understood why it ended up donated and on sale at the thrift store. In the end I made two zippered foldover clutches and a messenger bag, all out of this dress along with adding some other upcycled materials like denim and faux leather.

All bags are available in my Etsy shop. Check them out ❤

10 Ways to Upcycle Marbles

Remember March marble madness in elementary school? I do and it was highly anticipated by most students. Marbles were like our currency and we would build play palaces in the sandbox called Casinos. Place your spherical bets! I wasn't much of a gambler but more so a collector. The shinier the pearl, the bigger deal it was to own. Cat eyes were the lowest ranking, FYI. They were the easiest to obtain and therefore had little value.

Now that I'm looking back at all that I'm realizing the gambling aspect is actually rather inappropriate for children but as children that goes unnoticed. Anyway, I still have my marbles sitting in a jar somewhere. Thanks to Pinterest, they've been brought back to my attention with all their creative re-uses I wish I had thought of. Here are some ideas that should catch your eye too...

1. Marble Garden Sphere

2. Marble filled fence

3. Wired Marble Mobile

4. Marble Earrings

5. Gag Gift Idea or Conversation Piece- Bottle full of Lost Marbles

6. Makeup Jars with Marble Topped Lids

7. Interchangeable Marble Necklace

8. Marble Acorn Ornaments

9. Marbles as Vase Filler

10. Colorful Marbles Wreath